Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Creator, Technic, castles and their crossovers
Euclid, Democrit and Pythagoras
I grew up with Lego and fell in love with it as a child, at a time when there was no duplo, no minifigs, no slopes and curves and just six colors to build. I left the hobby as a teenager and retook it some 10 years ago, to discover that the best age to build with Lego is as an adult... maybe because you have now your own mone to spend on bricks, haha, I'm a perfectionist and an enthusiast of finding new or alternate building techniques. I am also deep into finding practical uses for Lego, a few examples of which can be seen in my office. Other not-so-interesting facts about me: I am a political scientist and economist by trade, and have spent a lifetime career at my country's Ministry of Public Finance.