Create. Share. Sell.

Making money with what you love has never been easier

MOCHUB is offering you a chance for more fans, more recognition, and (last but not least) more money you can make with your creativity. We love what you build - so we want you to keep building.

  1. Create a profile - Customize your profile and personal info, check your balance and analytics in real-time, and simply withdraw your money via PayPal. You will also get a “My MOC” subpage where you can upload your designs.

  2. Upload your MOC - Upload the name, the parts list, the instructions and pictures of your MOC, along with a description - you can even link a video or add any other social media links to your design. MOC assembly instructions can be uploaded via image, video and/or pdf format. We can even assist you with creating these instructions, you can contact our team anytime at [email protected]. Once all the uploads are done, our expert team reviews everything to make sure it’s all good to go.

  3. Get the most out of your design - After reviewing your uploads, we provide a personalized report for your MOC (we call it Moctimization Report :)) including color and cost analysis along with a suggested retail price of your MOC. Our expertise in the LEGO industry gives us the ability to give you and your customers the best possible cost offer in the market. 

  4. Set the price - Consider the cost of sales and possible profits, then set the final price for your MOC. Please keep in mind that the final price has two elements: the MOC’s baseline cost (that is determined by us), plus the price above this baseline cost that will become the revenue.

  5. Share - Let your friends, family, and fans know what you’ve been up to! This way, they not only get to see what you have built, but they will also be directed to a platform where they can easily purchase your MOCs.   

  6. Profit - Shipping MOCs can be quite an arduous task, but you need not be concerned. Enjoy your creative freedom while MOCHUB deals with all the logistical hassles including shipping of MOC Package. We offer a 70/30 share for the sale of the MOC - this means 70% of the revenue above the Baseline Cost will be your royalty. As an added bonus, we offer every registered MOC-creator a 10% discount on LEGO bricks and parts ordered from us. 


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