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Welcome to this page! I'm WingYew, a LEGO enthusiast (also known as Adult Fans of LEGO, AFOL) from Malaysia.

Like most of the people around, i started to play and love LEGO since the young age, probably around age of 5-6yrs. Due to the some other distraction from this toy during the younger age, I've stopped playing it for a long period.

Until end of 2012, when i came across the release of LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 8 (CMF S8), those specially designed minifigure character draw my attention to them and i started to fall in love back to this little man and bricks. Then i started to collect back all the CMF series, Creator Modular, and Creator winter sets. Occasionally i also bought some sets and polybag from other theme as well.

After sometime, when i realised LEGO sets couldn't fullfill my temptation on building the creation, i started to try out and build something out from my own. A lot of research had been done from internet and other resources that related to creating and building cool LEGO creation. This is how i started my MOC (My Own Creation) journey in the bricks world.

From that time i started to create different type of moc, from modular building, to small diorama scene, until to a bigger scale of creation. Most of the moc are built for the display in local LEGO event, as well as for own interest.