About Us

A seriously taken hobby project (It all started with a MOC)

WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD started out with building a MOC, an eleven foot high Chrysler Building made of almost 100,000 LEGO® parts. Alloying its hobby and hardcore data science, WLWYB has been on the secondary market of LEGO pieces and minifigs since 2009. This small e-commerce venture located in Budapest, Hungary, is serving the LEGO lover community all around the world with genuine and new LEGO parts on a daily basis.

The biggest advantage of being a seriously taken hobby project is that you can live out your perfectionism. During the years we had the opportunity to excel our toolset and delivery processes, providing a fluid shopping experience that focused on unsettled customer satisfaction. By today the former hobby project became a real business venture, employing 8+ people and accumulating unmatched knowledge and experiences in all aspects of the LEGO® industry.

Next level of sharing

With tens of thousands of orders and satisfied customers behind us, we've been eyewitnesses to how social media has revolutionized the LEGO® builder’s life and formed a long tail for the MOC scene. What a wonderful era we're living in where innovation and technology have upgraded sharing to the next level by enabling customers to not only be amazed by the MOCs in the virtual world but also be able to have the opportunity to take it home, build it and make it part of their life.

We've created MOCHUB to be the breakthrough platform for this next level of sharing, and with a business model that enables builders to monetize their hobby.

Revolutionizing the MOC scene

Our commitment, knowledge and past experiences enable us to provide customers with a quick, seamless and affordable shopping experience.

The MOC’s acceptance process is not done automatically- we manually review all incoming parts lists and provide support for our builders to ‘commercially optimize’ their projects. Our research shows that for many talented builders, there is a lack of this kind of support which ultimately hinders opportunities for bigger fame and real income.

During the years we’ve developed our very own proprietary software tools to provide on-the-edge support for the workflow of parting out sets, purchasing parts, fulfilling orders, data exchange, and so on. We're constantly analyzing market data trends for part availability and optimal inventory management.