About Us

What is a MOC?
MOC stands for My Own Creation, a term for designer LEGO® models. Our breakthrough platform, MOCHUB allows creators to share their work, while also offering a business model that enables them to make money with what they love. We help them build bigger, better and more MOCs by manually reviewing all incoming parts lists and providing support for commercially optimizing their projects.

This support can really make a difference for talented builders when it comes to monetizing their creations - we offer freedom of creativity, help, and with it, a chance for bigger fame and real income.  

How does MOCHUB work? 
When someone decides to buy a design on MOCHUB, they will receive the parts and the detailed instructions needed to assemble the model they fell in love with. Unlike some other sites, however, we offer a 100% original service. The box will only contain brand new, genuine LEGO® pieces and manually reviewed assembly instructions. Shipping usually takes 9-13 days via DHL Express. Then comes the fun - assembling and displaying a MOC that can’t be found anywhere else.

Any further questions?

If something is still unclear, make sure you check out Frequently Asked Questions.