LEGO Smart Ninja Rider

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This will be the coolest addition to your kids LEGO Ninjago collection with its customizable remote control surface, using your mobile phone. Additionally this model provides a unique combination of playability and learning opportunities. Grab one of your favorite minifigs, sit it in and let's start the race! 

This MOC contains an SBrick (the leading remote control solution for LEGO sets). SBrick has four ports which can be controlled from your BLE capable smart phone or computer. SBrick app profiles are already available for Smart Ninja Rider. 

With the help of SBrick, your kids can learn how to program the vehicle to drive on a specified path in Scratch. This model provides plenty of action oriented programming lessons (find more information here: If your LEGO® figure driver needs extra capabilities for his vehicle, you can extend it with additional weapon or functionality. You can build your own one or buy add-ons for the model like laser gun and rapid fire turret. 

This MOC contains the following electric parts:

  • SBrick The leading remote control solution for Lego (suggested retail price: $59.00)
  • LEGO® Power Functions Servo Motor (part no.: 88004; suggested retail price: $24.99)
  • LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor (part no.: 8883; suggested retail price: $7.49)
  • LEGO® Power Functions AAA Battery Box (part no.: 88000; suggested retail price: $12.99)
  • LEGO® Power Functions Extension Wire(part no.: 8886; suggested retail price: $2.99)

If you do not need any or all PF elements please contact MOCHUB for a custom quote.

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