Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

How do I close my account?

If you want to close your account, please contact us at [email protected].

How do I get in touch with you if something goes wrong?

You can reach us anytime at [email protected].

I haven't received any messages after I placed an order, what can I do?

Please check your spam folder first to see if our messages ended up there. If you still haven't received any email notification from us please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] anytime, our customer specialists will be happy to help you and investigate the issue right away.

About us


WLWYB are the founders of MOCHUB. Here at WLWYB, we handle all the logistical tasks for MOCHUB. We have been on the market since 2009 and we love what we do. If you want to know more about us, check out our About Us page or visit

Who are we?

We are passionate about LEGO. We run a leading LEGO part store on several major marketplaces. Over the years we have acquired an unmatched experience in LEGO part sourcing and served tens of thousands of happy builders.

How do we acquire our inventory?

We part out LEGO sets and maintain an inventory of 1mil+ LEGO parts. On top of that, we have developed our own tools to support lightning fast parts purchases. This ensures the best prices and the quickest turnaround times all round.

What's your connection with the LEGO Group of Companies?

We only deal with genuine and brand new LEGO parts and pieces. However, The LEGO Group of Companies (TLG) does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this service.

Where can I find you on Social Media?

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

You have lovely mascot creatures. What are their names?

We've been so busy with all the MOCHUB related tasks that we haven't had time to give them names. If you have any ideas what we should call them, please let us know!

What is MocHub

What is MOCHUB?

MOCHUB allows creators to share their work, while also offering a business model that enables them to make money with what they love. We'll take care of everything from full-scope order fulfillment through to customer service. For everyone else, MOCHUB is the best place to find and purchase unique MOCs they can build and display. 

How much does it cost to become a member?

All of our services are absolutely free for sellers.

Do I need to invest in inventory?

No, you don't have to invest in anything- not even in the inventory.

How do I list my MOC?

Register as a builder and you can upload as many MOCs as you'd like. To upload a MOC, you'll need the parts list, the instructions, pictures and/or videos of your MOC.

My product is now active. What's next?

You'll find a link to your active MOC's profile which can be embedded in any social media appearances, along with the post in your bio or under your video. This way, your fans can easily be led to your MOC.

Is working for MOCHUB the coolest job ever?

No, being Chuck Norris' bodyguard is the coolest job ever. Working at MOCHUB is a close second.

Why should I become a member of MOCHUB?

While social media allows you to share images of your creations, MOCHUB makes it possible for you to physically share them. This is the next level of sharing. By taking your activities to the next level, you can make some serious money.

How can I publish/unpublish my MOC?

You can publish/unpublish your uploaded MOC from your 'My MOCs' page.

Payment & Pricing

What currency do you use?

Currently all the MOCs are priced in US dollars.

We're working on a release of a multi-currency module, stay tuned for future feature developments.