Frequently Asked Questions


How does pricing work?

You set the selling price of your MOC. This consists of the baseline cost (which is the fixed total cost of the required LEGO pieces, packaging and shipping) plus the revenue. Of this revenue (the difference between the baseline cost and the selling price) we'll pay you 70%.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Log into your MOCHUB account and select My Balance from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. You can initiate a withdraw request with the 'Withdraw' button on the My Balance tab. For security reasons, all withdrawal requests will be reviewed manually. This might take up to 24-48 hours, but it's much safer.

I'm having problems processing a withdrawal. What should I do?

Contact us at [email protected] and we'll investigate the issue right away.

Who determines the final price of my MOC?

You are in full and dynamic control of your MOCs selling prices. You can decrease or increase the final prices (above the baseline cost) anytime in order to facilitate more sales/achieve higher margins. If you wish to change the price of a MOC, contact us. For more info, check out our creator page.


Where can I find help with all the documentation?

You can go to our Creator Page that contains all the information you need. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected].

What type of files do you accept for uploading the necessary documents for my MOC?

For the parts list, we accept all major formats such as: xls; xlsx; xml; csv; bsx; lxf; ldd; xml; json; txt; doc; docx; pdf; html. You can upload the instructions via image, video and/or pdf format.

What happens if my MOC contains custom stickers?

Stickers will be printed by your customers. If your MOC contains custom stickers, you should create an easy to access online file and embed it into the description of your MOC. This way your customers can download these stickers and add them to the MOC.

Can I upload a MOC with 3rd party parts, like Brickarms, etc.?

Unfortunately not. We only work with genuine and brand new LEGO pieces.

What does "MOC review" mean?

It's an optimization report where you get insights about your MOC. Our team also helps you identify all the hard-to-get or non-existing parts in order to make the MOC as affordable as possible for customers. You will receive this report after uploading your MOC and saving it as 'pending approval'. For more, make sure to check our creator page.


Peter Dornbach, one of our wonderful builders gave us insights on how to use Blueprint for creating instructions. His document contains all the useful information you need to know and it's a great guideline for you to use Blueprint.

Interested? Click here for the document and create mind-blowing instructions for your MOCs!

Cheers & happy building!

IP rights

What am I allowed to sell on MOCHUB?

You can sell any kind of MOC you have built. We have only two requirements: your MOC must consist of genuine LEGO elements only, and you have to own all of the necessary IP rights.

How does the approval process work?

First, you need to upload your parts list to MOCHUB which will be reviewed by our MOC Specialists. We will identify all the non-existing, hard-to-find and/or expensive parts, and we will make suggestions for alternative solutions. After your approval of our suggestions, we will quote you the baseline cost of the MOC, (including packaging and shipping fees), and we will put the final price decision in your hands. We offer you a generous 70% profit share on the difference between the selling price and the cost.

What do I need to do if my IP rights are violated?

If you think someone has violated your IP rights, please contact us ASAP and provide as much information as possible about your claim. We'll investigate, and if needed, we'll take the necessary steps.

Can anyone see my instructions once uploaded?

Not without buying the MOC. The uploaded instructions will only be sent to the customer through email after a purchase has been made.

What happens with the IP rights if I upload my MOC?

You maintain ownership of all the IP rights. We only receive usage rights.

What kind of products are excluded from MOCHUB?

All products which may harm 3rd parties' IP rights, (such as franchised and trademarked products), are excluded.

Customer Support

Who is responsible for customer service?

Our holistic customer service aims to serve sellers and buyers alike. However, if you're a creator, you know your MOC best, so all customer questions related to building the model will be rerouted to you. We'll take care of the rest.


How can I promote my MOC?

MOCHUB provides you with easy-to-use links to your profile page and your MOCs. We recommend that you use these links when sharing in social media.

Is it possible that there could be a piece in my MOC that does not exist?

Yes, absolutely. Living in a digital era, there are many solutions to build MOCs with softwares like, etc. Each use a different database which may not be synced with the available pieces. That's how it's possible for your MOC to have a part that simply does not exist, or you use a part which has limited availability on the market.

How can I share my uploaded MOCs?

Both your profile and all of your uploaded MOCs will have a link you can embed anywhere. You can use this link to lead your fans to your MOCs.


What is the SBrick Zone?

SBrick Zone is where you will find all builds and MOCs that use SBrick.

What's the SBrick?

SBrick is the top remote-control solution for LEGO. It’s very small, very powerful, and is exceptionally compatible. Together this means that it fits easily into most models, allowing you to control them using a smart device like a phone or tablet. SBrick uses Bluetooth to communicate, so it has an impressive range; playing outside has never been easier! With SBrick, you can breathe life into your models and play like never before.

What's SBrick compatible with?

SBrick has been designed to be as compatible as possible with LEGO. In fact, SBrick is more compatible with LEGO than LEGO itself. If you have the following, SBrick will work with it.

  • Power Functions, entire range

  • WeDo 1.0, entire range

  • WeDo 2.0, entire range (with adapter cable)

  • NXT/EV3 devices (with adapter cable)

Each SBrick can control 4 different devices that attach to the top of the smart brick, so you could connect 2 motors and 2 lights, or 4 motors, or 3 lights and 1 motor. If you factor in all the things you can connect, the possibilities are enormous.

How do I control a MOC with SBrick inside?

Once you’ve put one or more SBricks in a model, you can control it using the SBrick app which you can download for free for iOS and Android. The app will run on almost every smart device, whether a phone or tablet, and you can use that to control your MOCs.

There’s also a way to set things up to be able to control your MOC using a game controller, for added coolness.  You can learn more about that here (

What if I have a really big MOC - can I use more than one SBrick in my build?

Absolutely! One of the great thing about SBrick is that you can really let your imagination run free. You can control up to 16 SBricks at a time, all through the same app, so you can think really big!

I love SBrick, where can I buy some more for my other builds?

You can buy them right here or through the SBrick website at You might also find them in your local brick store.

What can I use it for?

That’s the fun part because it’s up to you! Use SBrick to create beautiful MOCs where you have great control, but you can’t tell why because everything is hidden away. SBrick is very small, making it easy to hide inside a model. Not only that, but because it uses Bluetooth to communicate, it will still work even from inside a MOC.  People have used it in all sorts of exciting MOCs, from fast cars to build train layouts, and from industrial models to LEGO art.  No matter what you want to achieve, chances are SBrick will be able to do what you want.

Was SBrick crowdfunded?

Yes it was! The company has actually run two successful campaigns (out of two), for the two types of smart brick they make, SBrick and SBrick Plus.  Both of their campaigns went through Kickstarter.

SBrick Plus? What’s that?

SBrick is a smart brick designed for gamers. You can connect motors and lights and control how they are used because all four of the connections on the SBrick are outputs.

SBrick Plus is different in that the four connections are both outputs and inputs.  This means you can attach sensors to an SBrick Plus and it will monitor the device to which it is connected. This is a big step up because it allows you get into programming and robotics, and build models that actually react to the environment they’re in. For example, if you connect a light sensor to SBrick Plus, you can program your MOC to turn on headlights automatically when it gets dark; and that’s just one basic example.

The company likes to say that SBrick is for gaming, and SBrick Plus is for education, but actually, both are for both - it just depends on what you want to do.

How can I program it?

SBrick Plus and SBrick can both be programmed from within the SBrick app, in case you don’t want to use “coding.”  This simplified system lets you program your model to do things in a sequence of your own design.

If you want to roll your sleeves up and get more involved, you can program these smart bricks in lots of languages, including Scratch, Javascript, C++, and others. You can find more information here (

Is SBrick affiliated with The LEGO Group in some way?

SBrick is not a LEGO product and the two companies aren’t connected in any way. We have met the SBrick team and they share our passion for LEGO and for building great things.

Where can I get more information about SBrick?

The best place is through the SBrick website (  If you search Youtube for SBrick you will find thousands of videos also.

How to upload a MOC with SBrick in it?

You have two ways to do that:

1) If you have an XML parts list to upload add the given SBrick serial number to the list:

SBrick: SBrick01
SBrick Plus: SBrick02

2) If you have a 3D model contact us at [email protected] and we'll add the given SBrick to the parts list of your MOC.